Vinegar Barrel for Homemade Vinegar

vinegar barrel

For making homemade vinegar you need oak vinegar barrel or ceramic vinegar pot. Vinegar can be made from any fruit, or, in fact, from any material which contains enough sugar. Vinegar was first made from wine, as its name indicates.

The making of cider homemade vinegar is a familiar operation in almost every farm home. The final product is a necessity on every table. The small apples from which it is usually made are of practically no value for other purposes. The labor and expense of picking them up and pressing them are slight, and from the time the cider is in the barrel does the work. 

Thus the process appears a simple one, easy to start, and self-operated to its termination in a salable commodity. The farmer with several barrels of cider in his cellar, think with pleasure of this farm operation which will bring him profit without the further outlay of strength or money. 

Vinegar Barrels

Why vinegar aged in oak barrels? When wine or cider aged in a barrel, small amounts of oxygen are introduced as the barrel lets some air in. Oxygen enters a barrel when water or alcohol is lost due to evaporation, a portion known as the “angels’ share”. Most of the loss is alcohol.

Vinegar aged in wooden barrels takes on some of the compounds in the barrel, such as vanillin and wood tannins.

The presence of these compounds depends on many factors, including the place of origin, how the staves were cut and dried, and the degree of “toast” applied during manufacture.

Barrels used for aging are typically made of oak (French, American or other), but chestnut and redwood are also used.

Ceramic Vinegar Pot

Vinegar pots 2 liter

You can make vinegar in a ceramic pot. It is also a traditional way to make vinegar.

Vinegar pots have spigots. They made from glazed ceramic and have thick sides for excellent temperature regulation.

Similar to oak barrels, vinegar pots have a lid for protection from light and air. The ideal material for making and storing vinegar because of its resistance to acid.

Ceramic vinegar pots are usually small in size and are designed to age a small amount of wine at home. Also, they will not give your vinegar impurities of taste and color, as always happens when using oak vinegar barrel.

A great advantage of an oak barrel for aging vinegar is that it is made from juice. At the same time, in ceramic pots, vinegar is often made from ready-made wine.

How to Make Good Vinegar

Homemade Cider Vinegar

Natural vinegar can only be produced out of alcoholic beverages such as cider, wine or fruit wines. We recommend not to use strongly sulphurated wines. Also, the wines have to be dry.

More about how to make vinegar please read here:

The method to be employed for the manufacture of good homemade vinegar, without the use of generators, is this:

  • use sound, ripe apples,
  • use oak barrels,
  • picked or picked up before they have become dirty, if possible, otherwise washed,
  • the barrels should be made as full as possible and tightly corked. It prevents destructive changes and consequent deterioration of the vinegar.

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