How to Clean Wood Cutting Board

Unlike plastic cutting boards wood cutting boards can’t be placed within the dishwasher and do need some special attention. How to clean wood cutting board?

Wooden cutting boards are nice for many fruits, vegetables, bread, and cheeses and a lot of. Cutting beets or berries on the wood board or any colored fruits and vegetables creates a lot of work for you.


Make sure you clean your board when whenever you use it.

When you clean wood cutting board don’t submerge it totally in water and ne’er place it during a dishwasher. Simply use a clean wet towel and wipe the board. Then quickly rinse the board with water and pat it with a dry towel to get rid of that additional wetness. Leave it in an upright position to permit it to dry properly.


If you are feeling your board needs a disinfecting session is best could be a sprinkling of coarse salt over your chopping board.

Then employing a lemon half in starts to clean the board for some minutes. As you scrub squeeze the juice out of the lemon. The acid therein lemon can facilitate make clean the board and the salt acts as an abrasive agent to induce obviate any leftover food.

After scouring rinse it and dry board with a towel and store it within the upright position.

Seasoning for Clean Wood Cutting Board

The terms “seasoning” during this case basically refers to moisturizing.
Use oil or specialty board seasoning oil. Heat the oil before spreading it onto your board. Then use a towel dip it within the oil and rub it onto your board. Apply the oil till the wood stops absorbing oil. Use a towel to get rid of all remaining surface oil. Enable the board to dry before exploitation it once more.

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