Home use a compost bin

Great way to reduce the amount of litter you produce and to enjoy valuable compost for your garden is to make the compost by your own. The compost bin to buy and to use at home are not expensive, well designed and easy to use.

The home used compost bins will help you to convert the kitchen scraps into a valuable soil amendment. Same bin can be used also for any other organic waste you produce. Most of the bins are open in both ways to assure air flow. From the top side you enter all the organic waste and from the bottom you collect your valuable compost.

Into your compost bins (there are by the way many Recycled plastic compost bins to purchase) you are free to throw any brown and green organic materials. All brown waste from the home and garden are the high carbon materials such as fruits waste, leaves, vegetable stalks, bark, straw and more. The green materials are the high nitrogen materials like clover, hay, food waste, weeds and more. In order to speed up the composting process you can always add some advanced ideas.

Turn the compost bin few times a day.
Chop and shred all large items and make them as small as possible.
Keep the temperature high enough for the compost to “cook”
Always add new materials in big stacks, it will keep the warm process on.

The key for good compost is always to rotate the bin. Since its all biological process, it has to be in a move in order to benefit the most and get the best compost. The whole process reduces the litter and waste, help you save the environment clean and make you to actually do something for the nature.

Making compost at home is easy and cost efficiently, start composting today.

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