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No matter how the industry changes, the technology of wine making has not changed. Today, as well as thousands of years ago, wine is stored and makes in oak wine barrel. Since no material is better for winemakers than oak wood. The quality of the finished product is impacts not only by the raw materials from which the wine is made, but also by the wooden barrel. Cooper is very scrupulous about wine barrel making.

Taste that the wine barrel gives makes the drink unique. Wine aging in oak barrels is accompanied by the extraction of components of oak wood. Wine barrel, due to its design and the structure of the wood from which it is made, is an ideal system that ensures a constant flow of physicochemical and biochemical processes during the wine aging. The natural bouquet of wine aged in oak barrels is a complex complex mixture, consisting of several hundred compounds that belong to different classes of chemical substances and often differ significantly from each other in chemical structure, concentration and degree of influence on the aroma and taste of wine.

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