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Vinegar is easy to make at home. If you drink wine, from time to time you’ll have some bottles that weren’t finished and the wine just isn’t good for drinking anymore. Take your leftover bottles of wine and turn them into fabulous vinegar. Your homemade vinegar will be crisp, well-balanced and will take on the subtle flavors of the wines. Barrel-aged vinegar tastes wonderful – and hands down … is better than anything you can find at the market.

There’s nothing complicated about making homemade vinegar. Rinse and prepare your oak vinegar barrel. Add mother of vinegar. Then pour in a nice fruity red, crisp white wine or a sumptuous ale and … let nature take her path.

Made in your oak vinegar barrel, vinegar is a living ingredient created through the process of fermentation. Your finished product will have a depth of flavor that differentiates a naturally fermented vinegar from a store bought manufactured one. In the end you will be rewarded for your patience by the flavor of your finished vinegar.

Could there be anything simpler? Start your homemade vinegar today. Do this and whether you bottle it to give as gifts, use it simply in vinaigrette or other fine cooking recipes – you’ll be rewarded for years to come.

Try our toasted vinegar barrels for your more red wine and more robust vinegar. Our un-toasted vinegar barrels work great for lighter and white wine vinegar.

How about some Kombucha!
For brewing Kombucha – oak is the only way to go. These versatile specially designed upright oak barrels work great. They come complete with a low profile stand, all-wood spigot and for easy access into the barrel, a 3″ hole drilled in the head. We recommend our toasted barrels for your Kombucha – the toasted oak adds a wonderful complex flavor to your brew. You just can’t beat the taste of your own home oak-brewed Kombucha!

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