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Dutch Oven – How to Choose and Care

Dutch Oven

Dutch ovens are very popular for both home use and outdoor cooking. A Dutch oven is made of cast iron. Because they are so heavy, they heat evenly with little heat. The heavy lid, when it is set on properly, acts as a pressure cooker. What Size Dutch Oven Should I Buy Dutch ovens come […]

Cleaning a Whiskey Barrel

There are several options to cleaning your whiskey barrel. In this process, you are looking to get rid of anything that would contaminate your beer. Remember, a barrel is the same thing as a secondary fermentor. Below I have outlined several options and provided your with the option that we went with and why. Sanitize […]

How to Clean Wood Cutting Board

Clean Wood Cutting Board

Unlike plastic cutting boards wood cutting boards can’t be placed within the dishwasher and do need some special attention. How to clean wood cutting board? Wooden cutting boards are nice for many fruits, vegetables, bread, and cheeses and a lot of. Cutting beets or berries on the wood board or any colored fruits and vegetables […]

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