Having studied and mastered in practice the subtleties of the cooperage craft, in 2010 was created a production in the Sumy, Ukraine.

The team consists of experienced craftsmen who love their job. Wood products (perhaps the oldest material humans known) retain not only the craftsmanship of the professionals but also the best intentions with which they were made.

Their principle is to respect the traditions of the original cooper craft using modern equipment and taking into account modern needs.

Their perseverance in achieving goals, many years of experience and dedication to cooper work allow us to increase the pace of production and expand the range.

Now the cooperage products of the Sumy barrels “Sumy Cooper Workshop” are used not only throughout Ukraine, but also abroad: Poland, Germany, Great Britain, the Baltic countries, Africa, as well as the USA, Canada, Australia and others. Hangiri wooden utensils were highly appreciated by Japanese chefs.

Advantages of the cooperage products “BOCHKARI – Sumy cooperage workshop”:

manual work using modern equipment;
environmentally friendly materials (wood is mined far from industrial zones and the Chernobyl exclusion zone);
only stainless steel hoops;
a full cycle of woodworking, starting from a log and ending with a finished product.

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